The Outrage EP

by Aaron Parsons

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A special edition sampling of a two-album project, this is A-Ron's first hip-hop EP in eight years (Hear This Right Now has been removed and will be redone in the future). A classic audio project with beat-work that pays tribute to DJ Premier and Gangstarr, this album carries some of his more mature concious lyrics to date. The kid known as Double A Ron has grown dramatically into a politically mature, independant-thinking, unfundamentalist boom bap producer. The Outrage EP is a small section of a shareable album that will be completed and released later on this year.


released January 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Aaron Parsons Winnipeg, Manitoba

conscious writer,
music maker,
world changer,
autistic rapper just doin what I do

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Track Name: Unstable
1 2 3 and I'm back with the dookie style and you know where I'm from the peg sit crew you know it lit dude when I got everybody jumpin to that sick new sound you best stay around cuz here we go son, the Double A Ron's in this round politicians all be playin' stay concious cuz the Liberterry's stayin' I come with the beat that's most inspiring the style, the hunch, the tables signal sent through electrical cables reaches through your mind just like the rest of ma fables I'm unstable growin beats in the ghetto Mounted up root check the path from the get go I'm unstable makin beats in the ghetto Double A signal out from the stereo I'm unstable hanging out in the ghetto A-Ron in your stereo Double A signal out from the stereo
I'm unstable hanging out in the ghetto A-Ron in your stereo
Track Name: Further Than Nutz
man it’s been a long time, but i’m glad that you noticed, distractions, petty actions, made you think i’m a novice, thought i was bent savin the world like clark kent, but i didn’t give a dang, all i want was lana lang, now ma vision’s full clear on a sony 52, gettin through, to artistic sheep i pity you! you light melted candles while i’m sportin a flare, i construct while your forcing on the rusted wear and tear, i had laughed on the day you were void of influence, you bit someone’s style and it killed the endurance, bringin’ stock markets and malls to hindrance, it wasn’t og and you lost your innocence, i’m a smash my way in and you’re thinkin’ “who’s that?” he’s the new dynamite bringin’ in the boom bap! wanna be lil pump with the sounds of 50? nah nah you got to be who god created you to be!

mr. a ron spittin the lyrics uncut, while the critics in the back of the booth be like (what?) some people on the net think they got me in ruts but ever since i hit the mill life is further than nuts! mr. a ron spittin the lyrics uncut, while the critics in the back of the booth be like (what?) some people on the net think they got me in ruts but ever since i hit the mill life is further than nuts!

Double A’s back, jackin the track with a precision, Manitobans here’s a mission! Come sign my new petition, Learn from the NYC or take on a new course, Gallop up to my demands or my throat will be horse! Try some ideas that have never been done, We’re Canadians, patriots, and second to none, take the slackin of Palister and burn it the hell and then Maybe this city will kick Bowman as well! This issues like a cow I can milk it really far, like Rowan Atkinson I’m smakin into three wheeled cars! Call me Contained though I’m raising the lid like John Maxwell, my Legacy will scribble out Wakefield’s pastels, No Compromise even when critics throw the shoe, Father forgive though they know not how they do! Cuz Tryin hard to trap me on stage to rap crunk, is like Tryin to drown me in a tub that’s unplugged,

if advice is money yes i do direct deposit, lemon water out the spring cause i flow just like a faucet, here’s my voice, i’m tired of prejudice, original artists are doomed to the precipice, i stand and fight, every victim do the same! don’t let the school bully cause shame to your name! be an orthodontist, always brace yourself! better keep it straight and narrow once you jump off the shelf! now teachers, let the victim speak, cuz maliciousness concealing this issue makes you weak! quite yelling “stop the press” cause the high school needs to know! policemen aren’t enough to protect your working dome! we need a sea of unity before the tide turns! strongholds of cliques start to fall crash and burn, they not just saying that, we need to turn the page, our minds need a full on renewal so we can change, judging life because of class i’m coming out to say, gettin paid, getting laid, got it made is so cliché, your money’s like a car fender rusting when spent, and the shorty’s never perfect, there are days when she vent, your material things are like oil slipping through fingers, and your likely to go big fish hook line and sinker! i’ve said my piece now i’ll leave it up to you, will you ponder what i say or just do what you do?
Track Name: It's An Outrage!
time to face up to the political book, checkin out a rogan dark web mythical hook! unaware of the scale of polarized commotion, the first page of google out the liberal ocean! everyone’s a victim, a media captor! a side wants order while the other wants the rapture. i live and go on my merry way, but should i say merry christmas or happy holidays? grandpa’s racist, taxes sky-rocket, too many capitalists are filling their pockets! it feels good to be initially offended, but after a while we get numb and start pretendin! if you can’t mind your business, turn this off right now, or talk in a coffee shop relaxed in the crowd, or roll another blunt, pass the joint of injustice! but once you play the victim, as an addict your busted! it’s an outrage!

not sure who set the stage but the drama straight folly! new facebook links became new molly! this new kind of drug gives the sickest of highs, spreading wildfire branding quickest of lies. did it start with 911 or eleven oh nine? or was it the tube after google said yo mine? whatever the case, blame or shame is the ace, that will keep the embrace, of any media base! who would have thought to be offended gives a dopamine high? how’s the gram loved by teens and as boomers we sigh? nose candy distracting from the sweet distress,... the more shock and value, the more we’re impressed! i may see the big error, but i’m also the issue, pick the brain quotes on my feed! i miss you! ...and yet my friends spread the acid in groups! it’s hard to know the truth to create a massive truce! it’s an outrage!

so how do we escape the strongest media product? how do we confess that we’re part of this construct? victimhood chic and denial of entitlement, how do we stop and take in self-care vitamins? can empathy and decency enter the picture? can questions and context rebuild the fixture? ...are we stuck letting powerful voices shape our confirmation biases into poison! how do we include the coast thoughts in the heartland? how do we walk out, then walk up back in parkland? how do we see the plan for the fam halts abortion? how do we pin the fox tales in proportion? the cash grab is the news of choice, too bad the real suffering dies in the noise, it’s no wonder that nobody takes action! we’re in a civil war that is run by distraction! it’s an outrage!
Track Name: Turn Yo Speakers Up!
resist and i’ll just insist you shouldn’t miss this, heavy or not i’m still flying like a discus! i’ve gone mad as a hatter, thankful i’m out of the environment where my sanity’s battered. i was rejected, ejected, once infected, and i kill off apathy, and now i’m erected, and now i don’t care if i succeed or fail, as long as my delivery’s complete in this mail! why stop at this, with this mic in ma fist? bring the speakers out, and there’s a crowd in my midst? toss in some lyrics, and a powerful delivery, guaranteed when i’m done, you’re bound to remember me! ah yes, the human voice a powerful tool! and in the hands of some artists it sounds like a mule! running a mouth, guideless facts in your drool, as a poet i’m the teacher that will take you to school!

my rhymes so unorthodox they scare away catholics, i’m not religious but god helps me when i battle this, i’m a stanza catalyst, mcs can’t dismantle this, creativity’s a pattern of its own, can i handle this? i’m catmiss turned in a world that’s random, the terrain i’m in seems like it’s turning into panem, commercialism and greed is now the leading advices, game on mobile devices and forget our exercises, and we look to will shatner like we get some enterprises, wait for the ships to come and steal the steerer’s license, it’s time to strike back at this empire, shall it happen now or before i retire, will i be an old mc still on fire? inking dead mcs on portfolio wire. yo, toss my track record and skip your intell, i’m the best thing to hit the peg since louis riel!

no! i said no, it’s not happening! i won’t change it to south to get my fame “rappin-ing,” flappin my gums acting dumb and flossing, no more fun in this song when i’m bossing, any phrase my foes coin, i’m embossing, tossing every cliched e-bay rent-a-flow djs, cool your jets, i’m more fly than hockey, you didn’t catch that well here’s a walkie talkie! flirtin when it comes to love, i don’t make that, no more mixed signals, love and don’t say that, and then marry a real life harvey dent, i’m the only one “got” when i hurt i mend, repent! the kingdom of heaven is at hand, i find who i am, not what i am in this land, shining metal, soon lose what can be earned, that’s why i stay underground in the dirt like earthworms!
Track Name: Random Lyrics
i need to teach and keep waggin my finger, cuz i knew i add more value than columbia singers! i've been treated like a number on a spreadsheet, now i comfort cuz i'm rappin like a bedsheet! came from the days of the sea coast feast, do the dre from the west? or funky primo like the east? the days are gone and i can't be a pest, so i do what i do, and god manages the rest! i'm a king, screw this game of chess! this whole rappin for a record deal is lame at best! wokeness is the best of goals, if your fans get smarter, you invested in full! money, alcohol and bling is a joke! meth cravings in the ring makes you croak! so before you sign your life away, just remember that execs take the right of way!

random lyrics, random lyrics! random lyrics! (x2)

stuck in a box to only follow a string! honors and a job, ... such a hollow thing! knowledge unlocks but we barely use the keys! children are boxed in by cherry picked trees! taught to survive but not to save the town! workers for the weekend, stop ravin around! i'm sorry to rant, i need to keep preaching at you! see a need, fill a need, add some freakin value! i'm not a scholar but i got this theory, solving massive problems keeps your mood from dreary! chasing success is like chasing a horizon! maybe first you need to pay off that bill from verizon! issues stay, not believing that's a crime! cruise through life, one day at a time! instead of trying to get away from the sheep, i hope this helps you get awake from your sleep! huh!
Track Name: Broken Reflections
our world has changed so much i want to leave it, another social media link, i can’t receive it. we’re too privileged, but still wages rise, right here in canada, the poor’s hittin’ skies. we put out handouts, forget sustainability, the broke have to beg, we can’t nurture abilities. because we live under fiscal restrictions, the rat race has the middle class addicted to picket white fences big homes and tvs, netflix, ipads, fitbits, and jetskis! ...all i want is a desktop and internet, to hold a conversation, the joneses must intersect, to make me relevant and not a stupid, freakin, hermit. know what we need, it takes discernment. ...should i donate? or see a friendship threatened. still dependant, to visa still indebted.

i tried to breath a new life the choked me. looked in the mirror, society has broke me. can we truly live a life without connections? or are we slave to these broken reflections?

i helped two little girls, connect with their mom. people yell why voice it on the intercom! and if i advocate, others ask me, what do you really stand for behind the masking? i’m so tired of the shallow who will see the look, we see the face there, but fail to read the book. every single form of media warps the truth, photo editing selfies, high score for youth! it’s all remakes, another spiderman! next thing we know, finn’s the next iron man, i’m down with superheroes. the ones here are fake. they’re good with icing tips...but stay near the cake. i’m so depressed. i want to stay at home. more morang pie. my wife hates the foam. catching up on fitness but want to throw up. vegetate and don’t play. i guess i’ve grown up.

super nintendo, sega genesis, i had a bicycle. i never pictured this, hundreds of games on your big galaxy phone, share your high score, notified by ringtone! we lost zimmerman and macklemore on stereo, soundcloud, bandcamp...screw the radio, it’s all about the live gigs... i have none. twitch got me itchy, it’s fame son! whoever thought a blue bird would bring chaos to some white houses fake news, border kids, he has five spouses? russian bot accounts never caught by the net, can we just shut this down and talk like normal nerds instead?

lots of information, lack of conversation, lots of inspiration, lack of motivation, prefer emulation, mass acceleration, lots of us impatient, cause of automation, lots of people happy many more are angry, poorer are the happier, richer are the angsty, we’re too polarized, trudeau or sheer so much protest politics are weird neighbors don’t talk, they give awkward eyes, mind your own business, while a daughter cries. can we truly live a life without connections? or are we slave to these broken reflections?

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