It's An Outrage!

from by Aaron Parsons



time to face up to the political book, checkin out a rogan dark web mythical hook! unaware of the scale of polarized commotion, the first page of google out the liberal ocean! everyone’s a victim, a media captor! a side wants order while the other wants the rapture. i live and go on my merry way, but should i say merry christmas or happy holidays? grandpa’s racist, taxes sky-rocket, too many capitalists are filling their pockets! it feels good to be initially offended, but after a while we get numb and start pretendin! if you can’t mind your business, turn this off right now, or talk in a coffee shop relaxed in the crowd, or roll another blunt, pass the joint of injustice! but once you play the victim, as an addict your busted! it’s an outrage!

not sure who set the stage but the drama straight folly! new facebook links became new molly! this new kind of drug gives the sickest of highs, spreading wildfire branding quickest of lies. did it start with 911 or eleven oh nine? or was it the tube after google said yo mine? whatever the case, blame or shame is the ace, that will keep the embrace, of any media base! who would have thought to be offended gives a dopamine high? how’s the gram loved by teens and as boomers we sigh? nose candy distracting from the sweet distress,... the more shock and value, the more we’re impressed! i may see the big error, but i’m also the issue, pick the brain quotes on my feed! i miss you! ...and yet my friends spread the acid in groups! it’s hard to know the truth to create a massive truce! it’s an outrage!

so how do we escape the strongest media product? how do we confess that we’re part of this construct? victimhood chic and denial of entitlement, how do we stop and take in self-care vitamins? can empathy and decency enter the picture? can questions and context rebuild the fixture? ...are we stuck letting powerful voices shape our confirmation biases into poison! how do we include the coast thoughts in the heartland? how do we walk out, then walk up back in parkland? how do we see the plan for the fam halts abortion? how do we pin the fox tales in proportion? the cash grab is the news of choice, too bad the real suffering dies in the noise, it’s no wonder that nobody takes action! we’re in a civil war that is run by distraction! it’s an outrage!


from The Vibration LP, released April 12, 2020


all rights reserved



Aaron Parsons Winnipeg, Manitoba

conscious writer,
music maker,
world changer,
autistic rapper just doin what I do

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